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Bolivia, rich with culture, history, landscapes and colour, but regrettably the poorest country in South America. I am really glad you raised the concern of winning and losing. You have just illustrated the difficulty that several folks of all races and nationalities have understanding the reality of violence and war. To say that I am “The White Man’s Moses” could be precise, but it is far also modest. It appears that I could be the hope of all mankind.

But to summarize my position on modern day slavery. Yes, all functioning class and poor whites are primarily wage slaves who have been granted revocable privileges by an evil government by means of an oppressive and immoral program. Your fathers have been pawns who have been employed as pack animals, and cannon fodder. Thinking about the yolk of racism, the plight of minorities in the United States is even worse. Whatever disgust or contempt you could recognize in my commentary, it is not necessarily directed at the American folks, but as an alternative at the criminals who handle them. I no a lot more hate the American folks, or any functioning class nationality, than I would a pack of dogs turned loose upon me by their evil masters. If not for their evil masters, the dogs would just go about their enterprise of copulating, and urinating on fire hydrants, paying me no mind whatsoever.

Though I am a 6 year military veteran, I do not worship the American flag. The flag is just an abstraction a rag that will fade and eventually turn to dust. Several say they honor the flag since of what it represents. But if they understood American History they would know that it represents the murder of the young, the innocent, the old, the enslavement of mankind, and the destruction of the environment. It is also supposed to represent the freedom to burn the flag itself. A point that several Fascists have seemed to miss.

Thank You, I agree that dark days are ahead. I feel negative for the tiny youngsters. I have had my great childhood and I have had several excellent adventures as an adult. But several youngsters are suffering now, and several a lot more will continue to suffer and die so that a handful of greedy folks can have the pleasure of ruling the planet, and so that a complete lot of greedy folks beneath them can pick up the scraps from the rich man’s table. It is no wonder that Donald Trump was so well-known. If he had been preaching peace and really like he could have in no way stayed in the race.

Over 100 million Indigenous died as a result of the European Invasion. It is the greatest holocaust in the history of the planet. I have been a student of history given that I was a youngster. As an alternative of wasting my time at amusement parks on the weekends or watching cartoons, my parents would usually take me to the public library so that I could study metaphysics and history, which have been the two subjects I was most interested in. I have studied the historical record from both sides of the fence. I have spent as significantly time studying white racist viewpoints as I have the viewpoints of human beings. Several of you “Google” information in order to help a racist narrative, but I am not moved by revisionist historical “information”. I have heard all of the lies, the distortions, and several variations on the theme.

When America destroy an complete muslim country and then steal there historical artifacts and complete way of life and really lives. Then wave their America flag in front our their faces. Then a Muslim deserve to burn that Americans flag for it disgrace, dishonorable and eventually shame upon their nation.

Sometime I feel like an adult Alien from yet another planet talking mischievous youngsters and some damaging brats that get in touch with me crazy. Getting thick skin I can manage verbal attack of any sort of crazy assumtions. Just when folks are certainly help and actions of harm , you can be positive I will get in touch with you on it. Nobody here can insult me since if their comments was correct, I would be already functioning on the adjustments.

Given that American is not a actual country anymore since a President represents a corporation, not a Country. America has been a completely functional US CORP given that 1913. The US media and US Justice program and US Government are all beneath UNITED STATE your ID name in capital letters also. You and every little thing is run by Corporation To rate a corporation feeling on how crucial is a burning of an American flag from 1 to 10 is. On an over offended aggressive, pride and blind false flag level – give it a 8 right after the dollar collapses I give in 3.

I can entirely realize when Muslims particular person kills American soldiers since they come in their country soil, destroys their residence, then kills their loved ones and youngsters. That is against international law and 9 time out of 10 is murder in a uniforms. Then an American will steals their oil, resources and their way of life. Then an American will wave a American flag and brag how excellent America is. All in the name of God, Greed and Guns.

Wrong! I have been in both, La Paz and Santa Cruz. La Paz is soul of native south america, colorful, folklor, roots, really nice spot and really nice and traidtional folks, in La Paz you can locate a lot more than just food, creating and all that stuff you can locate in any other city. It is a gorgeous expertise.

As it has already been stated,it seems you are giving a discriminatory definition of beauty by marking indigenous functions as ugly” and European as gorgeous.” Given that Bolivia has a single of the largest living populations of indigenous folks in the Americas and you never like the racial functions of such folks, then I suppose yes, our females are ugly.” Santa Cruz has been threatening to separate from the country for years so it makes sense that folks from that region are trying to separate themselves and see themselves as the greatest or a lot more gorgeous.

Several, several gorgeous females all across Bolivia. Several gorgeous and breathtaking scenic areas and cities, significantly culture and history. A tiny bit of every little thing in Bolivia… Amazon rainforest, Atimaca desert, Salar De Uruni salt flats, Andes mountains, Lake Titicaca… totally serene and surreal landscapes. The food was amazing so extended as you put some sense into not eating street food or food from questionable areas. The nightlife was an absolute blast in each and every city… several, several social items to do… party on each and every street, festivals out the wazoo, dancing, music everywhere. Folks as friendly as could be.

Bolivia feels a lot more like a spot you’d want to travel and absorb and devote time if you had a lot more of it to spare and wanted to actually get beneath the skin of South America, as opposed to somewhere you can picture your mates heading to for a 2 week summer season break.

Our final cease in Bolivia was Sucre, which I loved. Sucre, which is the administrative capital of Bolivia and where Bolivia’s Declaration of Independence was signed, is a city of glistening white. The buildings are ornate and varied and there’s a recoleta up the hill with a look-out point and a square with swarthes of schoolchildren playing football. We spent a excellent afternoon up there with our tour guide Jazz in a tiny standard bolivian women for marriage Bolivian pub, drinking chicha (fermented corn drink). Make positive you also go to the Museo del Tesoro, where you can find out about the jewellery and gems in Bolivia, without having possessing to go down into a Potosi mine to locate out about it.